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About Us

By George! CBD, LLC was born in March of 2018 when we (co-founders Jessica Weber and George Muller) made it our mission to provide a trustworthy source of CBD products to our friends and family.
We were tired of reading stories about CBD products on the market that were tested by the FDA and found to contain little or no actual CBD, and we were tired of hearing the prices our friends and family were paying for potentially untrustworthy products. We were (and are) enraged by retailers who dilute the integrity of CBD by mislabeling CBD products, using low quality manufacturing inputs (i.e. CBD from foreign hemp or hemp grown in toxic soil), and/or price gouging people who desperately need CBD. We decided our friends and family would get the best quality and most affordable CBD if we sourced, processed, packaged and sold it ourselves.
Now that we have expanded to selling beyond just to our friends and family, we hope you will look to us as a trusted source of CBD products as well. We understand you don’t know us yet, so we know we are asking a lot to trust us the way our friends and family do.
Jessica is a world traveler, crazy cocker spaniel lady, accounting dork and spreadsheet wizard. George is a rock climber, bicycle rider, husky lover, jokester and cannabis aficionado.
The company’s co-CFOs (co-Chief Furry Officers) are OG, 9-year old husky, Sweet Pea, cocker spaniel (Rest in Peace 2-13-2019), and Donkey, 3-year old cocker spaniel. 
We are just two people and two dogs with good hearts who want to help people access high quality, affordable CBD products. Become a customer and we will take care of you like we do the rest of our friends and family. Please contact us at any time to learn more about our journey or our products.
Jessica & George


We promise:
We only use the highest quality, third-party lab tested CBD isolate in our products.
We source our CBD from a Colorado farm that grows its CBD-rich hemp using organic farming practices. 
Our products contain the amount of CBD indicated on the label. No more, no less.
The products we sell to you are the same products we use for ourselves, give to our pets, and sell to our moms, dads, sisters, brothers and best friends every day.
We will take time to answer any question you have, and we will not be satisfied until you are satisfied.
Our prices are lower and our quality is as good as or higher than any CBD products you’ll find on the internet, at dispensaries, or at pet stores.
We will give you high quality CBD products without fancy packaging, costly advertising, and outrageous mark-ups.