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How to Use CBD

How do I use the By George! sublingual CBD tincture?

How much CBD should I take? Can I overdose?

How do I use the pet tincture? How much CBD should my pet take?

Choosing the Right Product

Which product should I use to help my ______________?

Does CBD help for ___________?

What is the difference between the pure CBD and the full spectrum sublingual tincture?

Do you make CBD gummies / capsules / edibles?

Shipping and Returns

Do you ship?

What is your return policy?

General CBD Information

What is CBD? Where does CBD come from?

Is CBD legal?

Will I fail a drug test if I take CBD?

Does CBD interact with other medications? Can I take CBD if I use "xyz" medication?

CBD Storage and Shelf Life

How do I open my CBD tincture?

How do I store my CBD tincture?

What is the shelf life of my CBD tincture?

How can we contact you?

What is your contact information?

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